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Gems Gemstone analysis means finding the correct Gem Stone to suit your Astrological/Planetary needs. If someone choose the wrong Gemstone then it may create big problems. So before wearing any Gemstone one has to take advice from experts that which Gemstone he/she really needs.

This is arrived by forming his/her Horoscope/Kundli/Birth Charts and then micro analysing it ,which gives a clear cut answers to all his/her Gem Stone requirements, based upon Planetary needs, this also covers the time-span, means when and why he/she should wear a particular gem Stone and how long. Because a specific Gemstone is to be worn up to a specific time when his/her planetary needs are there, then after he/she should not wear the Stone. It is a known fact that Gemstone can counteract many evils in life. It plays vital role in shaping the destiny of the wearer. It is delicate procedure to prescribe a Gem Stone to ward off any planetary afflictions in a Birth Chart of any person.

We will guide about the type of Gem Stone he/she is to wear and also with rituals, i.e. how to wear?, time and day and in which hand/finger. This guidance is based upon principles of Vedic Astrology and Gemology will solve your dilemma and help you to find correct Gem Stone or Gem Stones combination.

  • Which Gemstone or combination of Gemstones will suit you.
  • Weight of Gem Stone.
  • Time, Day & Date and other wearing instructions.
  • Mantras to energies Gem Stones and procedures for how to wear it.

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